Announcement for the ISRE Conference

SAS Members may be interested in the following conference announcement:

ISRE 2022 In-Person: Hold the Date!

We are happy to announce that the International Society for Research on Emotion (ISRE) conference will
take place in-person on the 15-18th of July 2022 at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles

The ISRE conference is an exciting opportunity to meet international colleagues, present your work, and
to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in emotion research. ISRE members study emotions
from a wide range of disciplines including affective computing, anthropology, art and design, education,
history, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and sociology. The ISRE conference 2022 will
include a keynote address by Antonio Damasio (US).

If you would like to contribute to the ISRE conference by presenting your research, submissions will be
opened in the fall of 2021. We invite you to submit an abstract of max. 250 words. Submissions are
welcome from scholars in all relevant disciplines for symposia (of up to four talks and a discussant, or 5
talks), individual talks, and posters. Symposia are encouraged to include more than one discipline to
facilitate cross-disciplinary exchange. Talks will be 15 minutes long. Abstracts should be submitted
online at the ISRE 2022 conference website which will go live later this summer.

Submissions are also encouraged for pre-conferences to take place on the first day of the conference
(July 15th).

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Los Angeles in July 2022!

Jonathan Gratch and Stacy Marsella
Organizers, ISRE 2022 Conference