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Program Highlights

Conference Hotel

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Keynote Speakers

  • Joseph LeDoux - New York University
  • Batja Mesquita - University of Leuven
  • Antonio Rangel - California Institute of Technology
  • Tania Singer - Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Presidential Symposium

  • Huda Akil - University of Michigan
  • Richard J. Davidson - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Robert W. Levenson - University of California, Berkeley
  • Helen Mayberg - Emory University


  • Adam Anderson - Cornell University
  • Lisa Feldman Barrett - Northeastern University

Flash Talks

Flash Talk Speakers

  • Rebecca Ferrer, Moderator - National Cancer Institute
  • Ann Kring, Moderator - University of California, Berkeley
  • Renee Magnan, Washington State University
  • Wendy B. Mendes - Moderator - University of California, San Francisco


Salons provide a chance for informal Q and A with leading figures in  affective science over tea and coffee. These salons will be informal, and will feature candid discussions about how the speaker's career developed, what challenges they've faced, and what they see as the future of their area of affective science.

  • Ralph Adolphs - California Institute of Technology
  • Barbara Fredrickson - University of North Carolina
  • James Gross - Stanford University
  • Thomas R. Insel - National Institute of Mental Health, NIH

Methods Lunches

  • Greg Siegle, Chair - University of Pittsburgh

“TED-Inspired” Talks

  • Paul Bloom - Yale University
  • Laura Carstensen - Stanford University
  • Gerald Clore - University of Virginia
  • Steve Cole - University of California, Los Angeles
  • Angela Duckworth - University of Pennsylvania
  • Jutta Joormann - Northwestern University
  • Stacy Marsella - University of Southern California
  • Toni Schmader - University of British Columbia