Conference Awards

Poster & Flash Talk Awards
Poster and flash talk award recipients will be selected based on a two-step process. First, using blind review, the SAS Program Committee will identify abstracts based on scholarly merit (i.e., clarity of the research question, rigor of the methods, broad appeal to affective researchers). Second, these posters and flash talks will be evaluated in-person during the conference by a larger group of SAS Program Committee members. Final evaluations will be based on the impact of the findings, clarity of the presentation, poster/slide aesthetics, and ability of the presenter to field questions. Reviewers will not review potential awardees where there is a conflict of interest. Only first authors who are trainees (i.e., postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, post-baccalaureate, undergraduate student) will be considered for an award.

Poster Highlight Session
Posters that the SAS Program Committee deem to be of great interest to a wide variety of affective scientists will be selected for the Poster Spotlight Session. Posters will be initially identified based on scholarly merit using blind review. First authors will orally present their research to the entire SAS audience in 90 seconds or less using a single slide.