Four preconferences affiliated with the 2019 SAS conference will be held on Thursday March 21, 2019! Registration is limited and required to attend a preconference. You can register for a preconference using the main conference registration system.

For general inquiries about the preconferences, please contact Maital Neta, Ph.D., at

Culture & Emotion

Organizers: Yuri Miyamoto, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Yulia Chentsova-Dutton, Georgetown University

Location: Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel

Registration fees:

Trainee: $95

Faculty: $125

This preconference will highlight recent advances in research on the interplay between culture and emotion, featuring two themes: “Culture and Emotion Perception” (focusing on research investigating cultural influences on emotion perception) and “Cultural Fit of Emotions” (focusing on implications of emotions that fit (or do not fit) in their cultural contexts). The preconference will include two thematic sessions with invited speakers, a data blitz session, a poster session, and a keynote address by Batja Mesquita. Invited speakers include Rachael Jack, Maria Gendron, Taka Masuda, and Ursula Hess for Culture and Emotion Perception session, and Jeanne Tsai, Jose Soto, Yukiko Uchida, and Will Tsai for Cultural Fit of Emotions session.

For more information, please visit our preconference website [link].

Emotion Regulation

Organizers: James Gross, Stanford University, Brett Ford, University of Toronto, and Gal Sheppes, Tel Aviv University

Location: Boston Convention Center

There will be no onsite registration for this preconference. Ensure that you have registered online prior to the day if you intend to attend.

Registration fees:

Trainee: early $75, regular $110

Faculty: early $110, regular $150

early rates apply until Feb. 1, 2019

The Emotion Regulation Preconference will feature emotion regulation research from various disciplines and topics, consider emotion regulation from different perspectives, and share exciting new findings and methods. It will feature a range of formats from short talks to panel discussions to break-out groups. All presentations will be invited. Our goal is to have fun, build connections among those interested in emotion regulation (faculty, post-docs, students), and share ideas about new directions in emotion regulation research. We hope you’ll join us!

For more information, please visit our preconference site [link].


From the Ivory Tower to Industry: Emotion and Decision Making across the Life Span

This preconference is now fully booked.

Organizers: Joe Mikels, DePaul University, and Andy Reed, Fidelity Investments

Location: Fidelity HQ

Registration cost: free (sponsored by Fidelity Investments)

This pre-conference will focus on advancing discussions in emerging areas of decision-making research between the academic, public, and private sectors. We will highlight novel approaches currently being taken in the field, and encourage cross talk between those in the public and private sectors to share insights and spark collaborations across the public-private divide. The pre-conference will involve several panels covering cutting-edge perspectives on affective science and decision making including the role of emotion in health and well-being across the life span, risk and financial decision making with attention to applied directions, and the promise and pitfalls of public-private partnerships. Invited speakers include Barbara Fredrickson, Richard Lucas, Ellen Peters, Elizabeth Phelps, Jennifer Lerner, and Eric Johnson. There will be ample time throughout the day for networking and potential collaboration.

For more information, please visit our preconference site. [link]

Positive Emotions

Organizer: Lisa Williams, University of New South Wales

Location: Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel

Registration cost:

Trainee: $70

Faculty: $100

The 6th Annual SAS Positive Emotions Preconference will feature state-of-the-science research on positive emotions. The Positive Emotions Preconference is designed to bring researchers together from a variety of fields to advance the science of positive emotions using a data-centric approach. We encourage thinking, discussing, and integrating across disciplines, and feature speakers that range across research lab traditions, to promote diversity in positive emotion research. This year’s preconference will feature talks showcasing the latest findings in the field and ample opportunities for collaborative discussions and for attendees to connect with one another. The day will culminate with a panel session with Barbara Fredrickson, Judy Moskowitz, and Paula Niedenthal, who will discuss, and perhaps debate, the future of the field.

For more information, please visit our preconference site [link].