Exhibit and Sponsor at the 2020 SAS Annual Conference!

2020 Exhibit Contract and Sponsorship Benefits: [pdf].

The Society

The Society for Affective Science (SAS) is an international society whose mission is to foster scientific advances in our understanding of affect. The term “affect” denotes a range of phenomena, including emotions, moods, stress, dispositions, preferences, core affect, arousal, and motivational impulses. Members of SAS are united in the goal to understand how affective phenomena such as these are generated, regulated, and remembered; how they are reflected in subjective experience, expression, neural activity, and central and peripheral physiology; how affective phenomena relate to non-affective phenomena and functioning in daily life; and how cultural, social, biological, developmental, and situational contexts influence (and are influenced by) these processes and outcomes. Our guiding premise is that human and non-human affective phenomena transcend traditional disciplinary differences in emphasis and focus, and that collaborations across disciplinary lines will accelerate scientific discoveries in a range of topics and fields.

The Audience

Members of SAS span disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, medicine, computer science, law, economics, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, business, and other related fields. They are faculty members, public and private sector scientists, postdoctoral trainees, and graduate and undergraduate students at colleges, universities, and other institutes around the world. Nearly all of them are affective scientists who conduct basic and applied empirical research using a broad range of research designs, methods, and measures. In their home department or institute, SAS members interact on a daily basis with other scientists, trainees, and students in their classes and in their labs in the context of collaborative research projects. In addition, many of our members are the heads of research laboratories, institutes, and/or departments, and almost all actively engage in some level of teaching duties; as such, they are charged with making purchasing decisions vis-à-vis equipment, books, and supplies.

Benefits of Exhibiting

Why should your company choose to exhibit at the 2020 SAS Conference?

  • Exposure to over 350 professionals in a variety of fields, many of whom make purchasing decisions for her or his organization.
  • The program materials will include each exhibiting company’s website and social media addresses, and product descriptions.
  • Each exhibiting company’s promotional listing will be included free of charge on SAS’s website. This will include a listing of your company website if that information is provided in the contract application.
  • The economical and effective atmosphere of a trade show allows you to make many more contacts than personal sales calls.

Previous Years’ Attendance

2019Boston, Massachusetts365
2018Los Angeles, California423
2017Boston, Massachusetts460
2016Chicago, Illinois382
2015Oakland, California350
2014Bethesda, Maryland417

For more information, please contact:

Exhibits: Jane Shepard 

Sponsorship: Hedy Kober