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Please check this page often for latest updates on the 9th annual SAS conference.

*Update: Gather.Town space will remain open until April 22, 2021*


You are invited to attend the 2021 SAS Annual Conference on 13-16 April 2021, which will be held in all virtual format hosted by Virtual Chair in Gather.Town. We had a record-breaking number of abstract submissions this year and are excited to showcase the newest affective science research! We will be delivering a full 24h program of activities in three time zones (JST, BST, PDT) including watch parties, on-demand materials & live interactive events showcasing state-of-the-art affective science and career development opportunities. Our program includes:

To familiarize yourself with Gather.Town, watch the online tutorials here.

We’re excited to bring the SAS community together again to celebrate our successes and to continue growing a supportive international research network.

For all updates, follow our Twitter account @affectScience and use the hashtag #SAS2021. Also, please visit our Facebook page. Mark your calendar for the 2021 SAS Virtual Annual Conference.

See you there!

Rachael E. Jack
2021 SAS Conference Chair of the Program Committee

Presidential Symposium

Showcasing the latest research in a topic of special interest selected by the current SAS President.

In 1958, Harry Harlow, then-President of the American Psychological Association, gave our field an “F” for failing to advance the science of love, which he described as a “wonderous state…deep, tender, and rewarding.” Research on how ordinary humans (non-scientists) understand the emotion of love reveals that this “wonderous state” is defined by being selflessly invested in the well-being of another person. Love doesn’t ask“What’s in it for me?” This pinnacle affective state thus appears, by nature’s design, to be other-focused and generous. And while the emotion of love might be most recognizable within our closest, most cherished relationships, it also frequently arises outside our inner circles, be it at work, in healthcare settings, or in public life more generally. Each of the speakers in this Presidential Symposium has made key advances to the science of love. Each, I think, would make Harry Harlow smile.

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

9:00-9:05am PDT Opening remarks

9:05-9:20am PDT Sara Algoe

9:20-9:35am PDT Michelle (Lani) Shiota

9:35-9:50am PDT Gillian Sandstrom 

9:50-10:30am PDT Panel style Q&A + Closing remarks

*Start and end times listed above are approximate

*All pre-recorded talks will be available for 24h on demand viewing in the Video Lounge

Society for Affective Science Code of Conduct Statement

Equity, diversity and inclusivity are central to the Society for Affective Science’s core values and mission. SAS recognizes that scientific progress depends on the free exchange of ideas in an environment in which all participants are treated equitably and with respect, and in which lively discussions and productive exchanges are enabled. Upholding this environment means that all participants are expected to foster an inclusive, cooperative environment where all are welcomed and treated with respect, where open dialogue is encouraged, and all perspectives are welcomed. Participants are also expected to avoid any actions, speech, or social media posts that could reasonably be construed as harassing or personally disparaging. Should you have concerns or questions about appropriate professional conduct in any SAS activity, including our annual conference, please contact Michelle (Lani) Shiota, Chair of the SAS Diversity Committee ().