Registration for the 2021 SAS Conference is not open yet. Please see below for more information.


  • Abstract submission deadline (December 17 2020, 11:59pm Baker Island Time [UTC-12 last timezone on earth])
  • Early bird deadline (March 1 2021, 11:59pm Baker Island Time [UTC-12 last timezone on earth])
  • Conference, including pre-conferences, held in an all-virtual format April 13-16 2021 (TBC)

2021 SAS Annual Conference Registration Fees

Early bird (deadline: March 1, 2021 11:59pm Baker Island Time)March 2, 2021 and later

Conference registration fees grant full access access to the all-virtual SAS 2021 Conference Program, including pre-conferences, live and recorded sessions, and real-time professional development and networking opportunities

Additionally, in recognition of widespread and untold hardships of 2020-21, registration for the SAS2021 Conference includes FREE SAS Membership for one year. Member benefits include:

  • Automatic Table of Contents Alerts from Springer for new issues of SAS Journal, Affective Science
  • Eligibility for new SAS Annual Awards (Dissertation, Early-Career & Mid-Career)
  • Eligibility to nominate and vote for SAS Leadership
  • Full access to planned virtual programming between annual meetings

Commitment to transparency in conference pricing. SAS conference registration costs reflect a wide range of factors. A primary aim of SAS leadership is to keep the conference affordable, especially for trainees. To meet that aim, faculty rates are considerably higher. Virtual conferences also carry a range of different costs than in-person conferences, including the need to purchase software and virtual conference management services with additional staffing to accommodate extended conference hours. Another primary aim of SAS leadership is to support the growing field of affective science for decades to come. To meet that aim, SAS leadership is committed to remaining fiscally responsible to support the continuity of the Association.

2021 SAS Registration Fee Support Program

SAS is committed to supporting affective scientists across the world and promoting diverse representation in our society and discipline. In recognizing the barriers faced by individuals from underrepresented backgrounds and those facing economic hardship currently, SAS invites applications for a limited number of awards for waived or reduced 2021 conference registration fees. These awards aim to reduce inequities based on factors including but not limited to ethnicity, immigration status, gender identity and sexual orientation, religion, nationality, and current economic distress. We thank the generous contributions of our society members whose annual membership fees help to support these waivers! 

Eligibility: To be eligible for an award, applicants must be full-time trainees or faculty; must be presenting an accepted abstract at the 2021 meeting; and must NOT have access to financial support for conference registration from other sources such as grants, departmental funding, or lab funds (a letter confirming this from trainee award recipients’ faculty mentors will be required prior to notice of award).  

  • How to Apply:¬†Applications should be submitted by¬†email¬†to¬†our¬†SAS Diversity Committee Chair Michelle ‚ÄúLani‚ÄĚ Shiota ( by¬†5:00pm Pacific Standard Time,¬†1st¬†February¬†2021.¬†¬†Please use ‚ÄúSAS Diversity Award Application‚ÄĚ as the email title.¬†The application consists of a¬†one-page¬†maximum, single-spaced Word document¬†in¬†12-point font¬†containing the following:¬†
  • Your full name,¬†academic¬†status (undergraduate,¬†post-baccalaureate,¬†or¬†graduate¬†student, postdoctoral researcher, or faculty),¬†and¬†academic¬†affiliation (department, university,¬†and¬†faculty mentor¬†if trainee)¬†
  • The title of your¬†accepted¬†abstract¬†for 2021 SAS
  • A statement that you have no access to funding through your lab, department,¬†grant,¬†or other¬†source¬†to pay for conference registration¬†
  • A¬†narrative¬†briefly¬†stating¬†your research interests,¬†articulating ways in which¬†you enhance the diversity of SAS and the field of affective science, and¬†communicating any details regarding current economic hardship¬†you¬†would¬†like¬†the¬†review committee¬†to¬†consider.¬†¬†

For any questions relating to the 2021 SAS Registration Fee Support Program, please contact¬†our SAS Diversity Committee Chair Michelle ‚ÄúLani‚ÄĚ Shiota (¬†¬†