Template Instructions

We encourage all authors to submit their SAS 2021 abstracts as PDFs, generated using our LaTeX template. If this is not possible for you, we have a Word Template available. Please also read the Author Instructions before preparing your abstract.

We’re using the online LaTeX editor to host our abstract template. To access the LaTex template, you have two options: 

  1. Work through Overleaf, by either: 
    • Create a new project → View all templates → search for “SAS2021” and open the template as a project in Overleaf. 
  2. Download the SAS2021_template and work offline. NOTE: Altering the 2021abstract.sty file may disturb the formatting. Please proceed with care.

The main.tex file should be sufficient guidance, but if you have any questions, please contact Jonas and Tobias (email addresses below), or watch the video below for guidance. 

Remember: You must create and submit two pdf documents – one that is anonymized and one that is not.  For the anonymized version, remove all identifying information including authors, affiliations, corresponding author email, and elements in the “Acknowledgements.” For author names and affiliations, the template has commands to redact this information. For everything else, we recommend substituting any identifying information with “Anon,” “Anonymous” or “XXX”.   

Note: if any author has a hyphen in their name, please use \textendash{part_of_name}, e.g., for Tobias Thejll-Madsen, the author command would be \author[]{Tobias Thejll\textendash{Madsen}}.  This is to ensure anonymization works correctly. 

Unfamiliar with LaTeX and/or Overleaf?

If you haven’t used LaTeX or Overleaf before, don’t worry – it’s very easy! We recommend that you watch the video above for step-by-step instructions with Jonas and Tobias.   

Familiar with LaTeX and Overleaf?

If you’re familiar with LaTeX, and particularly if you’ve used Overleaf before, you do not need to watch the video. If you feel confident, you can access the LaTex template and start writing – the Overleaf interface is intuitive and well supported. 

Still stuck? If you have any questions about using the LaTeX template, please contact Jonas  and Tobias  with the subject line as “SAS2021 Abstract.” 

When using the Word Template there are a few things you should note:

  • Do not alter the formatting: the format is created to match our LaTeX template, so do not make any alterations
  • All sections have already been created, so just fill in your text as appropriate. Note: for the results sections you should delete either ‘Results’ or ‘Proposed analysis/Predicted results’ as appropriate
  • Make sure that the PDF document does not exceed 1 page

Remember:You must create two pdf versions – one that is anonymized and one that is not. For the anonymized version, ensure that you remove all identifying information such as author, affiliation, corresponding author email, and elements in the “Acknowledgements.” We recommend substituting this information with “Anon,” “Anonymous” or “XXX”.