Virtual Venue at Gather.Town

*Update: Gather.Town space will remain open until April 22, 2021*

Thank you for registering for the 2021 SAS Annual Conference! Enter the virtual platform for the SAS Annual Conference here. Use the email address you used to register for the Annual Conference and click on the “Join” box under “enter the virtual venue space”.  Before you enter, view the video on the right hand side for tips on maximizing your experience.

Configure your avatar and click “join the gathering”. Participants will be noted on the left side of the room.  Click on any names and a badge will pop up.  Click on “locate” and it will bring you right to that person.  You can also send individual chat messages by clicking the name of another participant and sending a private chat message; they will appear in your chat list thereafter.

View the map below to give you an idea of the different rooms and locations from the lobby area.

You can enter the virtual space today.  It will be open until the Annual Conference begins on April 13 and through April 16.

Virtual Rooms

To quickly locate upcoming programs click the calendar icon in your left menu bar.

Click “View” then “Zoom” in your internet browser’s menu to see more at once (or use ctrl/command +/- )

Don’t stand in doorways; it blocks others. And if you get stuck in traffic, hold down “G” on your keyboard to turn into a ghost and walk through the avatars who block your way.


The lobby is a gathering place for conversations.  You can access all of the conference rooms from the lobby.  Move your avatar with your arrows left, right, up, and down to enter the other rooms. You will also see our exhibitors represented in the lobby.  Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Biopac (Booth L1)
Tufts University (Booth L2)
Job Announcements (Booth L3)
Ksana Health (Booth L4)
SAS Institute, Inc. Software (Booth L5)

  • Representatives from the SAS Institute, Inc. will be available to address any of your questions during the following times:
  • Wednesday, April 14 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. UTC
  • Thursday, April 15 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. UTC

Visit the Help Desk in the middle of the lobby if you have questions.

Remember to press X to interact.


All of the salon sessions will be held in this room. Enter the carpet area to interact with the presenter.  Carpet looks full?  Press the “G” button to overlap onto the carpet. Looking for a specific presentation?  Go to the directory and press X.

Video Lounge

You can find all the pre-recorded videos of invited talks and some bonus materials in this lounge area.  Enter a carpet area and press X to look at the videos available on the TV screens. Go to the Directory and press X to find out more about the location of the pre-recorded videos. Visit anytime! Be sure to visit the aquarium for a little relaxation!

See a colleague?  Invite them to one of the tables to visit.

Plenary Room A

Most of the single-track presentations are scheduled for Plenary Session A.  Grab a chair and note the location of the microphone for Q&A.

Plenary Room B

Grab a seat in Plenary Session B for the sessions scheduled in this room.  

Presentation Room

Be sure to visit the Presentation Room where you can see all of the Thematic Flash Talks. These presentations are a foundation of the Annual Conference and we are excited for you to attend.

Student Lounge

All students are invited to the student lounge to network during the meeting and play bingo! Tables and chairs are setup for conversations. Look for the game tables for pictionary, poker, and more.

Bring your virtual dance shoes and try dancing by holding down “Z” on your keyboard. 

For more information about participating in the virtual platform, see the videos located here.