Preconferences are freely included with registration to the main conference.

Positive Emotions Preconference

Chairs: Adrienne Wood, PhD University of Virginia; Elise Kalokerinos, PhD University of Melbourne, Jia Wei Zhang, PhD University of Memphis

Date & Time: March 30, 2022, 10am – 4:00pm EDT

Program: 2022 Positive Emotion Program

This virtual preconference will feature the latest interdisciplinary research on positive affect.  The day will include 7 wide-ranging invited talks that examine positive emotions in clinical, social, consumer, and cross-cultural contexts. Speakers include a Keynote Presentation from Sonja Lyubomirsky, and presentations from Hooria Jazaieri, Fantasy Lozada, Anthony Ong, Matthew Rocklage, Christian Waugh, and Jia Wei Zhang. Attendees can submit abstracts to present a flash talk or a poster with the chance to win a Best Poster or Best Flash Talk award. There will also be opportunities to socialize and meet fellow positive affective scientists in Gathertown.

Interoception Preconference

Body-Brain Interactions, Wellbeing, and Society

Chair: Vera Vine, PhD, Queen’s University

Date & Time: March 30, 2022, 10am – 3:30pm EDT

Program: 2022 Interoception Program

Interoception, the perception of peripheral physiological activity by the brain, is not only fundamental to survival, but theorized to underlie much of human experience. Discovery is accelerating about basic mechanisms of interoception and its role in psychological processes like cognition and emotion. The purpose of this preconference is to capitalize on these gains to begin extending interoception science into increasingly socially useful realms. The preconference brings together scholars across levels of training to explore the ways in which interoception science can help us understand real-world problems, including mental health, adversity, and discrimination.

This fully virtual preconference will feature invited talks linking interoception to mental health and social problems, including keynote speeches by Drs. Sarah Garfinkel and Manos Tsakiris.

Attendees may submit abstracts for consideration as flash talks and/or posters. Submissions on any aspect of interoception are welcome—whether inside or outside the specific focus on wellbeing and society. Projects may be empirical or theoretical, from psychology or another discipline. Studies may concern any interoceptive circuit (cardiovascular, respiratory, gastric, etc.) in human or non-human animals. Studies will be considered even if they do not measure interoception directly, provided they have clear implications for body-brain interactions or embodied perspectives on real-world problems.

One early career researcher (advanced graduate student, postdoc, or assistant professor) with a theme-consistent submission will win the SAS Interoception Preconference Spotlight Award, receive complementary preconference registration, and be invited to present a full-length talk.