Conference Awards Evaluation Criteria

This year, thirteen presentations, including 5 Flash talks, 4 New Results posters, and 4 New Idea posters, have been selected to be considered for the Thematic Presentation Conference Awards. Congratulations to the finalists!

At least two Program Committee members will attend and evaluate these presentations. They will evaluate the presentations along the following three dimensions:

(1) Presentation style and delivery. An ideal presentation should have a clear and easy-to-follow structure.

(2) Content of the presentation. The presentation should give a more detailed elaboration of the science that is summarized in the abstract. In evaluating the content of the presentation, evaluators will refer to the same four criteria used in the review process: Relevance to affective science, Novelty, Innovation, and Impact.

(3) Handling of questions. The presenter should be knowledgeable about the topics relevant to their research, and engage with the audience in a constructive manner.


Edwin S Dalmaijer, University of Bristol, The Evolution of Disgust in 100k Simulated Years

Jelka Stojanov, University of Oxford, Perceived Intergroup Empathic Failures: Meta-prejudice Moderates Perceptions of Ingroup- and Outgroup-Held Empathic Norms

Sergio Pirla, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Happiness Without a Financial Safety Net: Low Income Predicts Emotional Volatility

Lisa C Walsh, University of California Los Angeles, Does Putting Down Your Smartphone Make You Happier? The Effects of Restricting Digital Media and Social Media on Well-Being

Ke Wang, Harvard University, Toward a New Understanding of Positive Emotions and Appetitive Risk Behavior

Shannon Brady, University of California Riverside, Yucatec Mayan Children’s Behavioral and Physiological Responding to a Disappointing Gift

Julia E Davidson, Queen’s University, The Prospective Associations between Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Emotion Regulation Strategies and Anhedonic Depressivity at the Onset of a COVID-19 Provincial Lockdown

Corinne A Sejourne, McGill University, Intergenerational Associations between Early Life Stress, Parenting, and Infant Stress Reactivity

Megan S Wylie, Queen’s University, Adolescent Depressive Symptoms Predict Increases in Expressive Suppression: A Cross-Lagged Panel Model Across 6 Longitudinal Waves

Eva Yu Chen Liu, Yale University, Emotion Granularity Symmetry in Romantic Relationships

Srishti Goel, Yale University, Individual Differences in Cue-Integration and Emotion Granularity

Livia Sacchi, University of Lausanne, Implementing Exploratory Mediation to Uncover Personality-Emotional Reactivity Relationship via Cognitive Appraisals

Layne J Hubbard, University of California Irvine, Telling Stories with Robots: Exploring the Impact of Human and Robot Conversational Partners on Young Children’s Prefrontal Cortex Activity

Oral Presentations/Flash Talks

Oral presentation requirements:
All speaker presentations will be scheduled into the program as fully live talks using Zoom and embedded within our virtual platform, Whova.

Symposia Presentations and Selected Talks will have 15mn for presentations followed by Q&A. The Chair for your session will work with your panel to provide introductions and help moderate questions. Your Zoom meeting links will be supplied to you directly by email about a week before the conference.

Live Chat and Q&A Sessions
Live Zoom webinar Q&A Session following the presentation
During your presentation in the Whova platform, there is a text chat box and Q&A box to the right of your presentation screen for attendees to interact. The Q&A period will be moderated by a chair.

Poster Guidelines

Poster presentation requirements:
As a poster presenter, you will be required to upload your poster and other optional materials to your unique poster link in Whova by March 16, 2022. To begin preparing your poster and other optional materials, please see the guidelines below:


PDF version of your poster (landscape format). This PDF will be uploaded automatically into Gather.Town for your use during your assigned live poster session. Note the PDF upload has a file size limit of 10 MB. IMPORTANT: If you do not upload a PDF in Whova by March 16th, 2022, you will not have any document pinned in your virtual booth in Gather.Town for your live poster session.


You can upload a second accompanying set of presentation slides in PDF format that will also be pinned to your booth in Gather.Town for display. This file will be uploaded for you into Gather.Town for your live poster session with attendees. This file also has a limit of 10 MB. We recommend a series of 4-5 slides breaking down the main sections of your poster for ease of viewing.

A short (max 5 minute) pre-recorded video presentation, which will be made available on-demand in Whova. This video will NOT be uploaded to Gather.Town. You will upload your video via YouTube (unlisted video) and have the option to add captions if you wish. Additional instructions on how to do this will be provided as a part of the Whova uploading instructions in the next email.

If you record a video, we suggest that you summarize the following:
– objective and significance
– methods used
– results obtained (if applicable)
– conclusions and implications

The unique link to your virtual poster booth will be emailed to you directly with detailed instructions. This link is active up to and during the conference for any changes you need to make.

Live Chat & QA Sessions
Poster presenters will be asked to be available to ‘stand’ at their posters during the live poster sessions to take part in interactive Q&A sessions, in much the same way an onsite poster hall operates. This virtual poster hall will take place in Gather.Town.

Outside of the live poster sessions, all posters will be available for virtual attendees to browse and review in Whova. There will also be a ‘contact’ button, allowing individuals to connect directly with poster presenters at any time to ask questions and start follow-up discussions. Poster presenters may indicate their preferred contact method (email, twitter, etc.) directly in their poster booth.