Congratulations to our new President-Elect!

Maya Tamir, PhD has been elected to serve as 2022-2023 President of the Society of Affective Science. Dr. Tamir is a professor of psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She received her PhD in social-personality psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University.

Dr. Tamir’s research examines how motivated people are to regulate their emotions, and how such motivation affects mental health, social relationships and well-being in individuals, groups and across cultures. Currently, Dr. Tamir serves on the editorial boards of Psychological BulletinEmotion, and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. She also serves as the co-editor of the Cambridge series on Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction.

As Chair of the Psychology Department at the Hebrew University, Dr. Tamir would like to build on the lessons learned during the challenges faced through the COVID-19 pandemic to broaden the SAS community beyond the US and Europe, and promote a Society for Affective Science which is open, egalitarian and inclusive, which welcomes people from multiple career stages, nations and cultures, backgrounds, disciplines, and perspectives.

The Society for Affective Science is dedicated to fostering basic and applied research in the variety of fields that study affect broadly defined. This goal is achieved through annual virtual and hybrid conferences that showcase research and through the publication of the Society’s journal Affective Science. Particular attention is paid to creating contexts in which scholars at all stages of professional development can interact in both formal and informal ways, differences in theoretical perspectives and methodologies are welcome, and interdisciplinary and international collaborations are fostered.