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No-Host Meal Options

This year, the SAS program is expanding the no-host dinners to an option for no-host meals! We will provide a platform for attendees to organize a meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) around any theme of their choosing, and some guidance on how to advertise this meal so others can sign up. It is up to you, as the organizer, to make it happen: decide on a meal type, select a theme, arrange a location, set a maximum number of attendees, etc. Once you have the details, you can advertise via Twitter (#SASmeals), so that everyone can see the details of this meal right away. We encourage all hosts to arrange a meeting place near the hotel and walk together to meal, so that the head count is finalized before arriving at the restaurant.

Organizers and attendees are responsible for covering the costs of their own meals and drinks. 

Organize A No-Host Meal

If you would like to organize a no-host meal, please fill out the Organize a No-Host Meal form by clicking here.


Attend A No-Host Meal

If you have interest in attending one, please fill out the form for that no-host meal to sign-up. 

Friday, April 28 11:45AM
Please join us to talk about The Science of Romantic Love over lunch. We will meet in the hotel lobby and we will walk to the restaurant together (0.6 miles, ~15 min). We will be back at the conference hotel in time for the next conference session. 
The Science of Romantic Love Form

Friday, April 28 11:55AM
There are many intriguing experiments on how emotional arousal modulates episodic memory. Great strides have recently been made to integrate existing empirical results into a coherent framework or model. Join us for lunch to discuss how we as a community make the next steps and what are the remaining challenges. We will meet at the hotel lobby and walk over to the restaurant (0.6 miles). 
Emotional Memory Form