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Lunch Options

Speed Networking Lunch, Friday, April 28, 2017 --  Sold Out
11:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m. -- Meet in the lobby of the Westin Hotel at 11:40 a.m. to walk over to the restaurant
Salvatore's (225 Northern Avenue, Boston)

The Speed Networking lunch will provide attendees the opportunity to interact briefly in an informal setting with several leaders in the field of affective science. These leaders will serve as faculty hosts who will be seated at tables with an empty seat next to them; these empty seats will be filled by attendees, who will be scheduled to spend several minutes conversing with their faculty host until the signal is given to move to their next appointment. By the end of this session, attendees will come away having enjoyed a series of brief, engaging interactions with leaders in the field. At present, we're delighted to offer the following faculty hosts:  

Lisa Feldman Barrett, Northeastern University
Linda Camras, DePaul University
David DeSteno, Northeastern University
Elaine Fox, Oxford University
James Gross, Stanford University
Jill Hooley, Harvard University
Derek Isaakowitz, Northeastern University
Elizabeth Kensinger, Boston College
Ann Kring, University of California-Berkeley
Jennifer Lerner, Harvard University
Robert Levenson, University of California-Berkeley
Mara Mather, University of South Carolina
Wendy Berry Mendes, University of California-San Francisco
Paula Niedenthal, University of Wisconsin--Madison
Kevin Ochsner, Columbia University
Jamie Pennebaker, University of Texas--Austin
Janine Simmons, National Institute of Mental Health
Leah Somerville, Harvard University
Maya Tamir, The Hebrew University
Tor Wager, Colorado State University--Boulder
Paul Whalen, Dartmouth College
Thalia Wheatley, Dartmouth College

Specific details, including a full slate of faculty hosts and individualized schedules, will be relayed closer to the time of the event.  The cost to reserve your space will be $25 and that will be added to your registration cost. Sign up for Speed Networking lunch on the conference registration portal by clicking here Participation is limited, so register soon! 

Method Lunches, Saturday, April 29, 2017
11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m. -- meet in the lobby of the Westin Hotel at 11:40 a.m. to walk over to the restaurant
Rosa Mexicano Restaurant
(155 Seaport Boulevard, Boston)

The Methods Lunches will be informal discussions of topics relevant to experimental design, measurement, and interpretation of data for understanding emotions in the laboratory. A brief introduction by the presenters will be followed by time for discussion, questions, and sharing of insights on the chosen topics. Each methods lunch is led by acknowledged experts in their area. The lunches are open to all attendees regardless of experience level.

The cost to reserve your space will be $25 and that will be added to your registration cost. You can sign up for method lunches on the conference registration portal by clicking here  Participation is limited, so register soon!

At present, we're delighted to offer the following topics and hosts: 

Intersections of Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience: Conflict, Errors, and Emotion via EEG -- SOLD OUT
    Jason Moser, Rebecca Silton

NIH Funding for Emotion and Social Behavior  -- SOLD OUT
    Rebecca Ferrer (NCI), Lisa Onken (NIA)

Positive Affect and Reward Processing: When is There too Much of a Good Thing? --SOLD OUT
    Nicole Prause

Emotion and Behavioral and Neuro-economics -- SOLD OUT
    Jennifer Lerner, Wil Cunningham

Online Assessment of Emotions and Emotional Functioning  -- SOLD OUT
    Sara Levens

Fear and Anxiety -- SOLD OUT
    Stefan Hofmann

Psychedelics as Psychotropics -- SOLD OUT
    Christine Rabinak and Robin Carhart-Harris 

    James Danckert

Mixed Emotions and Emotion Non-orthogonality Formulations -- SOLD OUT
    Catherine Norris

Sensorimotor and Emotional Self-hood in the Body -- SOLD OUT
    Manos Tsakiris and Sarah Garfinkel

Bridging the Gaps Between Research and Practice:  Implementing Innovations with Youth
    Samantha Broderick