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Exhibit at the 2017 Annual Conference!

2017 Exhibitors

Thanks to the following companies for their support of the SAS Annual Conference!

Brain Vision, LLC

Brain Vision, LLC offers full service solutions for customized neurophysiological research on infants and adults that include EEG/ERP/BCI software and hardware, fNIRS devices/integration, fMRI compatible equipment, stimulation devices (TMS, tDCS/tACS), wireless system applications for passive, active, dry electrodes, and accessories.


Springer’s Psychology program helps researchers in all areas of Psychology worldwide to publicize their research. Our Psychology program consists of journals, books, and reference works. Our complete program can be viewed online at


Join the audience of affective scientists at the 2017 Annual Conference in Boston on April 27-29.  Exhibit information and a contract are located here.


Members of SAS span disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, medicine, computer science, law, economics, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, business, and other related fields. They are faculty members, public and private sector scientists, postdoctoral trainees, and graduate and undergraduate students at colleges, universities, and other institutes around the world. Nearly all of them are affective scientists who conduct basic and applied empirical research using a broad range of research designs, methods, and measures. In their home department or institute, SAS members interact on a daily basis with other scientists, trainees, and students in their classes and in their labs in the context of collaborative research projects. In addition, many of our members are the heads of research laboratories, institutes, and/or departments, and almost all actively engage in some level of teaching duties; as such, they are charged with making purchasing decisions vis-à-vis equipment, books, and supplies.


Previous Years’ Attendance

2016 -- Chicago, Illinois -- 382 Attendees

2015 -- Oakland, California -- 350 Attendees

2014 -- Bethesda, Maryland -- 417 Attendees 



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