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SASSC News and Announcements

Student Lounge at the 2017 Annual Meeting
In response to feedback, this year SAS has created a Student Lounge for students to have a common space for meeting friends and colleagues between sessions or before meals!  We will also have coat racks in the Student Lounge for you to store your posters, coats, and bags, so you don't have to carry them to each session.  You can find the Student Lounge in the hotel's Griffin Room.  Please let SAS Student Committee members know if you have ideas for other amenities that would be helpful.


2016 Thematic Flash Talk and Poster Winners

Flash Talk Winners

Elise Kalokerinos
Shir Atzil
Autumn Kujawa
Brett Ford

KU Leuven
Mass General Hospital
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of California, Berkeley


Poster Award Winners

Erik Nook              
Victoria Spring
Erin Moran
Kelly Finn  

Harvard University
University of Iowa
Washington U School of Medicine
University of California Davis