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Our Mission

The Society for Affective Science is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering basic and applied research in the variety of fields that study affect broadly defined. To achieve this goal, we hold conferences annually to showcase research drawn internationally from psychology, medicine, neuroscience, computer science, law, economics, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, business, political science and other related fields.  Particular attention is paid to creating contexts in which (a) scholars at all stages of professional development can interact in both formal and informal ways, (b) differences in theoretical perspectives and methodologies are welcome, and (c) interdisciplinary and international collaborations are fostered. The new journal, Affective Science, has been launched in service of these aims. Eventually, additional society activities are also expected to emerge, such as a list serve, local conferences, and collaborative web resources. Our guiding premise is that a shared interest in the wellsprings of human and non-human affective phenomena (including emotions, moods, and other motivated states) transcends traditional disciplinary differences in emphasis and focus, and that collaborations across disciplinary and national boundaries will accelerate scientific discoveries in a range of topics and fields.

Our Values

The Society for Affective Science is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity throughout its membership. We believe that these principles are essential to the Society’s overall mission of fostering interdisciplinary collaboration across multiple fields of research as well as different backgrounds and stages of professional development. We are dedicated to the following values:

  • Maintaining a welcoming environment for all members of the Society.
  • Leading and supporting initiatives that are dedicated to improving the representation of groups typically underrepresented in science.
  • Promoting policies and practices within the Society that are consistent with these values.

Executive Leadership

Maital Neta

Maital Neta


Kristen A. Lindquist

Kristen A. Lindquist

President Elect

Maya Tamir

Maya Tamir

Past President

Christopher Oveis

Christopher Oveis


Rachael Jack

Rachael Jack

Member at Large

Nicole Giuliani

Nicole Giuliani

Member at Large

Christian Waugh

Christian Waugh


Erik Nook

Erik Nook

2024 Program Co-Chair

Sa-Kiera Hudson

Sa-Kiera Hudson

2024 Program Co-Chair

Kyle Barrentine

Kyle Barrentine

Student Committee Representative

2024 Program Committee

Program Chairs:

Erik Nook 2024 Program Co-Chair [website]
Sa-Kiera Hudson, 2024 Program Co-Chair [website]

Shir Atzil, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Elisa Baek, University of Southern California
Kyle Barrentine, University of Virginia
Casey Brown, Georgetown University
Lameese Eldesouky, The American University in Cairo
Jonas Everaert, Tilburg University
Katie Hoemann, KU Leuven
Daphnie Liu, Stony Brook University
Jennifer McCormack, University of Virginia
Yael Millgram, Harvard University
Ella Moeck, University of Melbourne
Joao Guassi Moreira, University of California, Los Angeles
Desmond Ong, University of Texas at Austin
Magda Rychlowska, Queen’s University Belfast
Jenna Wells, Cornell University
Adrienne Wood, University of Virginia
Hongbo Yu, University of California, Santa Barbara

Elizabeth da Silva, Indiana University, Purdue University Columbus

Andrea Samson, Unidistance Suisse & University of Fribourg


Awards Committee

Chair: Maya Tamir, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Past Chair: Elaine Fox, The University of Adelaide

Phoebe Ellsworth, University of Michigan

Dylan Gee, Yale University

Katie Hoemann, KU Leuven

Seth Pollack, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Anthony Ong, Cornell University

Jonathan Stange, University of Southern California

Fundraising Committee

Co-Chair: Luis Flores, Queen’s University [email]

Co-Chair: Virginia Sturm [email]

Monika Lohani, University of Utah
Joseph Mikels, DePaul University
Lorenzo Pasquini, University of California, San Francisco

Past Co-Chair: Nicole Giuliani, University of Oregon

Membership/Outreach Committee

Co-Chair:  Stephanie M. Carpenter, Arizona State University (email)

Co-Chair:  Nicole A. Roberts, Arizona State University (email)


Newsletter Subcommittee

Lead:   Katie Hoemann, KU Leuven

Angelina Sung, Colorado State University
Jennifer Ouyang, University of Southern California
Marissa Ogren, Rutgers University


Listserv Subcommittee

Lead: Jolie Wormwood, University of New Hampshire

Daisuke Ueno, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
Jennifer Ouyang, University of Southern California


Year-Round Events Subcommittee

Lead: Darwin Guevarra, University of California, San Francisco

Anthony Atkinson, Durham University
Jolie Wormwood, University of New Hampshire


Website Review Subcommittee

Lead: Marissa Ogren, Rutgers University

Anthony Atkinson, Durham University
Daisuke Ueno, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
Angelina Sung, Colorado State University


Social Media Subcommittee

Lead: Magdalena Rychlowska, Queens University Belfast

Steven Most, University of New South Wales, Sydney 

Publications Committee

Chair: Yulia Chentsova-Dutton, Georgetown University [email]

Jonathan Gratch, University of Southern California
Rachael Jack, University of Glasgow
Sandra Langeslag, University of Missouri – St. Louis

Past Chair: Carien van Reekum, University of Reading

Student Committee

Chair: Kyle Barrentine, University of Virginia

 Eva Liu, Yale University

 Livia Sacchi, University of Lausanne

 Dasha Yermol, University of Wisconsin – Madison

 Pooja Kulkarni, University of Mumbai

 Amy Gregory, McGill University

 Natali Barragan, Arizona State University

 Ellen Zheng, Arizona State University

 Victoria Hart-Derrick, Yale University

 Jennifer Ouyang, University of Southern California



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Chair: Michelle (Lani) Shiota, Arizona State University

Derek Isaacowitz, Northeastern University

 Joseph Mikels, DePaul University

Yuri Miyamoto, Hitotsubashi University

Jose Soto, Pennsylvania State University

Kyle Barrentine, University of Virginia

Livia Sacchi, University of Lausanne

Leadership Archive

Founders: Lisa Feldman Barrett and James Gross

Past Presidents:

2014: James Gross, Stanford University

2015: Lisa Feldman Barrett, Northeastern University

2016: Wendy Berry Mendes, University of California, San Francisco

2017: Kevin Ochsner, Columbia University

2018: Ann Kring, University of California, Berkeley

2019: Robert Levenson, University of California, Berkeley

2020: Paula Niedenthal, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2021: Barbara Fredrickson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2022: Elaine Fox, University of Oxford

2023: Maya Tamir, The Hebrew University

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