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SAS encourages members to become active in the affective science community by volunteering to serve on a society committee. Please help us advance the mission of the society and your own leadership through your engagement with SAS. Even if you have filled out this form previously, if you were not placed on a committee we appreciate you filling it out again!

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SAS is committed to promoting sociocultural diversity, broadly speaking, within our society and the field of affective science, and we encourage this representation on our committees. With this in mind, we invite you to share any of your important identities.
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Please select all committees where you are interested in volunteering. Multiple committee selections are encouraged since not all committees have numerous openings each year.
Write 1-2 sentences describing why you are interested in volunteering with SAS and to indicate if this is a self- or other- nomination. Please add any additional information regarding your interest in the specific committee(s) selected.