The Society for Affective Science Mission Statement

The Society for Affective Science is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering basic and applied research in the variety of fields that study affect broadly defined. To achieve this goal, we plan to hold conferences annually to showcase research drawn from psychology, medicine, neuroscience, computer science, law, economics, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, business, and other related fields.  Particular attention will be paid to creating contexts in which (a) scholars of all stages of professional development will interact in both formal and informal ways, (b) differences in terminology will be clearly described, and (c) interdisciplinary collaborations will be fostered.  Eventually, additional society activities might emerge, such as a list serve, collaborative web resources, and a new journal. Our guiding premise is that a shared interest in the wellsprings of human and non-human affective phenomena (including emotions, moods, and other motivated states) transcends traditional disciplinary differences in emphasis and focus, and that a collaboration across disciplinary lines will accelerate scientific discoveries in a range of topics and fields.

Value Statement

The Society for Affective Science is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity throughout its membership. We believe that these principles are essential to the Society’s overall mission of fostering interdisciplinary collaboration across multiple fields of research as well as different backgrounds and stages of professional development. We are dedicated to the following values:

  • Maintaining a welcoming environment for all members of the Society.
  • Leading and supporting initiatives that are dedicated to improving the representation of groups typically underrepresented in science.
  • Promoting policies and practices within the Society that are consistent with these values.