Society Leadership

Elaine Fox, President [website]

Barbara Fredrickson, Past President [website]

Maya Tamir, President Elect [website]

Christopher Oveis, Treasurer Elect [website]

Maital Neta, Member at Large [website]

Michelle “Lani” Shiota, Member at Large [website]

Christian Waugh, Member at Large [website]

Maria Gendron, 2022 Conference Program Co-Chair [website]

Stephanie Carpenter, 2022 Conference Program Co-Chair [website]

Co-Chair: Maria Gendron, 2022 Conference Program Co-Chair [website]

Co-Chair: Stephanie Carpenter, 2022 Conference Program Co-Chair [website]

Past Chair: Rachael Jack, University of Glasgow

Chair: Aaron Heller, University of Miami [email]

Chair-Elect: TBD

Past Chair: Ajay Satpute, Northeastern University

Chair: Barbara Fredrickson [email]

Co-Chair: Nicole Giuliani, University of Oregon [email]

Co-Chair: Luis Flores, Queen’s University [email]

Jennifer Silvers, University of California Los Angeles

Past-Chair: Hedy Kober, Yale University

Co-Chair: Nicole Roberts, Arizona State University [email]

Co-Chair: Stephanie Carpenter, University of Michigan [email]

Sara Levens, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Steven Most, University of New South Wales

Jolie Wormwood, University of New Hampshire

Chair: Carien van Reekum, University of Reading [email]

Jonathan Gratch, University of Southern California

Luke Chang, Dartmouth College

Yulia Chentsova-Dutton, Georgetown University

Past Chair: Barbara L. Fredrickson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Co-Chair: Jasmine Mote, Tufts University [email]

Co-Chair: Jennifer MacCormack, University of Pittsburgh [email]

Elise Kalokerinos, University of Melbourne

Rachel Aaron, Johns Hopkins University

Jenna Gilchrist, University of Waterloo

Sarah Pressman, University of California, Irvine

Oriana Aragón, Clemson University

Monica Perusquia-Hernandez, University of Essex

Sarah Sperry, University of Michigan

Past Chair: Eliza Bliss-Moreau, University of California, Davis

Chair: Jeffrey Girard, University of Kansas [email]

Augusta Gaspar, Faculty of Human Sciences, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa

Past Chair: M. Justin Kim, Sungkyunkwan University

Chair: Olivia Zhao, University of Wisconsin-Madison [email]

Angela Smith, University of Toronto

Past Chair: Catie Brown, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Founders: Lisa Feldman Barrett and James Gross

Past Presidents:

2014: James Gross

2015: Lisa Feldman Barrett

2016: Wendy Berry Mendes

2017: Kevin Ochsner

2018: Ann Kring

2019: Robert Levenson

2020: Paula Niedenthal

2021: Barbara Fredrickson

The Society for Affective Science is looking for volunteers to serve on a SAS committee. Please consider volunteering and submit using this form, or by clicking the “Volunteer with SAS” menu on the left side of this page.