Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

The UCSF Clinical Affective Neuroscience Lab is looking for a full-time Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator. The lab is located at the University of California, San Francisco Mission Bay Campus. The goal of our research is to advance our understanding of the neurobiological basis of affective symptoms, which are a common and debilitating feature of many neurological and psychiatric disorders. We use multiple methods from affective science (e.g., psychophysiology, facial behavior, and self-reported experience) to quantify emotion in neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric illnesses, neurodevelopmental disorders, and healthy individuals. The Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator is involved in collecting and analyzing data, scheduling and communicating with participants, and other relevant duties. Under the supervision of a Clinical Research Supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI), the Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator will perform entry-level duties related to the support, and coordination of clinical studies, and may receive training and development to prepare and advance for journey-level work at the next level within the series. The employee will be joining the PI’s Clinical Affective Neuroscience lab, where we investigate the emotional, behavioral, physiological, and neuroanatomical correlates of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases.

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