Issue 4 – Student Committee Update

Graduate Application Workshop

Exciting news! The SAS Student Committee is hosting a Graduate Application Workshop on September 25th at 1.30 PM Eastern Time. We encourage underrepresented individuals to apply and will recruit from minority-serving institutions. Our goal is to provide valuable resources and guidance to all, empowering the next generation of affective scientists.

Workshop pillars:

  • Creating an impressive CV
  • Writing a persuasive personal statement
  • Crafting an impactful research statement
  • Gaining valuable research experience

See the application form here for more details and to let them know you’re coming!

Increased Interest in SASSC

The number of applications for student committee member-at-large positions that we received this year increased from 12 to 19(see graphic) – a remarkable 58% increase. Holding the SAS conference in person was pivotal in boosting the applications. Our international member-at-large applications also surged from 0 to 6!

2023 member at large applications



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