‘Affective Science’ Editorial Board (2022)


Ralph Adolphs, PhD, Cal Tech
Area(s): Developmental Psychology
Expertise: daily stress processes; stress and health; adult development; work and family linkages; statistical techniques for measuring change

Linda Camras, Ph.D., DePaul University
Area: Psychology
Expertise: social and emotional development, cross cultural studies of emotion expression and parenting, development of facial expressions

Michelle “Lani” Shiota
, Ph.D., Arizona State University
Area: Social Psychology
Expertise: positive emotion, emotion regulation, emotional mechanisms of relationships and behavior change

Associate Editors

John J. B. Allen, PhD, University of Arizona
Area(s): Clinical Psychology, Psychophysiology
Expertise: risk for and mechanisms of psychopathology, development of novel and neurally-informed treatments for mood and anxiety disorders

avid M. Almeida, PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
Area(s): Developmental Psychologist
Expertise: behavior and social intelligence of primates, animal behavior, empathy and cooperation, inequity aversion, social cognition

Phoebe Ellsworth
, PhD, University of Michigan
Area(s): Social Psychology, Law and Psychology
Expertise: Cognition-emotion relationships, appraisal theories, cultural similarities and differences, emotions in legal contexts

Ruth Feldman
, PhD, Interdisciplinary Center Herzlia; Yale Child Study Center
Area(s): Developmental Social Neuroscience
Expertise: emotional development, biobehavioral synchrony, resilience, parent-child relations, neurobiology of attachment

Eli J. Finkel, PhD, Northwestern University
Area(s): Social Psychology
Expertise: interpersonal attraction, marriage, conflict resolution, politics

Pete Gianaros, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Area(s): Health/Biological Psychology
Expertise: psychological stress and physical health, socioeconomic status, autonomic and cardiovascular psychophysiology, health inequalities, health neuroscience

Alicia Grandey
, PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Area(s): Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Expertise: interpersonal interactions, self-control, employee’s experience of stress and emotion, emotional labor, organizational justice, diversity

Jonathan Gratch
, PhD, University of Southern California
Area(s): Computer Science, Psychology
Expertise: virtual reality, computational models, cognitive processes underlying emotion, influence of emotion on decision-making and behavior

Lasana Harris
, PhD, University College London
Area(s): Social Psychology; Social Neuroscience
Expertise: intergroup dynamics, prejudice, social perception, social cognition, causal cognition, risk perception, forecasting, and decision-making

Tristen Inagaki, PhD, San Diego State University
Area(s): Social Affective Neuroscience; Social Psychology; Health/Biological Psychology
Expertise: social connection, close relationships, social support and health, social pharmacology, health neuroscience

Rachael Jack, PhD, University of Glasgow
Area(s): Vision Science, Social Perception
Expertise: Facial expressions, culture, psychophysics, social communication, data-driven methods

Nataria Joseph, PhD, Pepperdine University
Area(s): Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Expertise: emotion and biomarkers, stress and health, social adversity and health, ecological momentary assessment

Elizabeth Kensinger
, PhD, Boston College
Area(s): Cognitive Neuroscience
Expertise: adult lifespan/aging, memory, attention, neuroimaging

Michael Kraus, PhD, Yale University
Area(s): Social Psychology; Organizational Psychology
Expertise: economic inequality, social class, racism, bias and accuracy in social perception, nonverbal

Jennifer Lerner, PhD, Harvard University
Area(s): Social Psychology
Expertise: Judgement and decision-making, leadership, accountability on decision-making, social policy, inequality

Kristen Lindquist
, PhD, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Area(s): Social Psychology, Social Affective Neuroscience
Expertise: facial expressions, structure of affect, neural networks, neuroimaging, social cognition, constructivist approaches

Katie McLaughlin
, PhD, Harvard University
Area(s): Clinical Psychology; Epidemiology
Expertise: neural and behavioral development in children and adolescents; stress and trauma, psychopathology

Matthew Nock
, PhD, Harvard University
Area(s): Clinical Psychology
Expertise: interventions, aggressive behavior, psychopathology, self-control, personality disorder, self-harm, suicide

Shigehiro Oishi,
PhD, Columbia University
Area(s): Social/Personality Psychology; Cultural Psychology
Expertise: happiness, social ecology, cross-cultural differences

Nnamdi Pole, PhD, Smith College
Area(s): Clinical Psychology
Expertise: psychological trauma, culture, psychotherapy

Seth Pollak
, PhD, University of Wisconsin Madison
Area(s): Developmental Psychology; Anthropology; Affective Neuroscience
Expertise: childhood development, emotion learning, childhood stress/adversity, emotional development

Disa Sauter, PhD, University of Amsterdam
Area(s): Social Psychology; Cultural Psychology
Expertise: nonverbal communication, cultural similarities and differences, positive emotions

Renee J. Thompson, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Area(s): Clinical Psychology
Expertise: affective dynamics, emotional awareness, emotion regulation, depression, ambulatory assessment

Jessica Tracy
, PhD, University of British Columbia
Area(s): Social/Personality Psychology
Expertise: self-conscious emotions, self-esteem/narcissism, distinct emotions, nonverbal communication, dominance and status hierarchies, moral behavior

Frans de Waal
, PhD, Emory University
Area(s): Primatologist; Ethologist
Expertise: behavior and social intelligence of primates, animal behavior, empathy and cooperation, inequity aversion, social cognition