Issue 1 – Student Committee Update

SAS Student Committee Update

The SAS student committee (“SASSC”) plays an integral role in our society’s functioning. We highlight our student committee’s ongoing contributions to the SAS student body and the broader SAS community as a whole. This edition’s update was written by SASSC Secretary Dasha Yermol, and SASSC Vice-Chair Jordan Wylie.

Are you looking for an opportunity to network with other students, have some free time in between talks, or just trying to take a break from all the back-to-back Zoom sessions? If you answered “yes” to any (or all) of those questions, come join us in the GatherTown Student Lounge! The 2022 student lounge will be packed with activities to connect with fellow conference-goers. So, stop by to upregulate your positive emotions with a friendly game of Tetris or Pictionary, and grab a *virtual* beer with someone new; after all, chatting with a stranger can be considered a “micro-moment of love” (Sandstrom, SAS 2021).

The SAS Student Committee is also hosting two salons for undergraduate and graduate students this year. Undergraduates, get ready to chat with current graduate students about the ins and outs of grad school; and graduate students, don’t miss our salon geared towards postdoctoral and industry opportunities. Both salons will be very interactive so come with questions and comments!

Finally, let’s not forget about the opportunity to connect one-on-one. Folks at all career stages are welcome to meet at a virtual table to share their advice and experiences in the field of affective science, the current project you’re working on, or even the cutest photos of your pets. We can’t wait to spark up some lively conversations at the student lounge this year! See you all there!

To keep up with all of the SAS Student Committee news, follow us on Twitter (@SASstudents) and join our Facebook group (Society for Affective Science Students & Trainees).

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