Issue 4 – Student Spotlight

by Jennifer Ouyang, SASSC Undergrad Member-At-Large


Spotlight on SASSC President Kyle Barrentine

Kyle Barrentine, our SAS Student Committee President, brings his infectious energy and knack for leadership to the forefront. With a history of leading clubs during his undergraduate years, he’s a natural fit for his role today. Grad school didn’t slow him down; instead, he joined the SAS Graduate Member-at-Large, where his enthusiasm caught the eye of his predecessor, Angela Smith. Chosen for his potential, Kyle embarked on a mission to expand the committee’s reach, particularly focusing on undergrad and grad student needs. His initiatives revolve around sparking conversations, building networks, and fostering development. Drawing from his own research on the power of talking to strangers, he believes small talk is the gateway to meaningful connections. Kyle envisions a future where the committee opens its doors to diverse voices, reaching underrepresented schools and communities. Therefore, he aims to spread awareness about SAS. Reflecting on his journey, Kyle cherishes collaborating with fellow members – He has learned the ropes of organizing and promoting projects while rubbing shoulders with other researchers. With Kyle at the helm, the SAS Student Committee sets sail on a voyage of change. His leadership style, grounded in affective science, brings inspiration and an unwavering belief in the strength of connections. Kyle Barrentine illuminates pathways for students to thrive within the Society for Affective Science, creating a vibrant community where each journey is valued and nurtured.

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