Issue 5 – Feature on Affective Science journal

Contributed by Marissa Ogren, PhD

Affective Science: The Official Journal for SAS

Are you looking to read recent, interesting, and novel work related to emotion or affect? Or perhaps looking to find the perfect place to publish your own exciting new research? Look no further than SAS’s very own journal – Affective Science!

Affective Science launched with its first issue in 2020 and has since published an additional 14 issues comprising over 180 articles. Research articles, brief reports, reviews, methods pieces, and commentary/opinions cover the field in a broad and interdisciplinary manner, including a variety of perspectives, approaches, and disciplines. Topics addressed thus far include (but are certainly not limited to) language and emotion, emotion and politics, structural racism and affective science, sleep and affective science, affective science in animals, and interventions to modify psychological well-being and population health.

In 2023, Affective Science released a special issue on The Future of Affective Science. Editors Drs. Michelle Shiota, Linda Camras, and Ralph Adolphs tackled the (seemingly) daunting task of articulating what has been accomplished in the field of affective science over the course of the last 50 years and, more importantly, what theories, questions, and methods are needed for the decades ahead. To accomplish this, the special issue includes various types of papers and a diverse array of topics such as the need to move beyond nature vs. nurture, to continue talking about valence, to use affective language to identify and intervene in psychopathology, to account for age differences in physiological reactivity to daily experiences, and to incorporate multimodal, idiographic ambulatory sensing into the study of emotion. Editors and authors alike provide insightful and thought-provoking information to help us as researchers and scholars think more broadly about where we want to go collectively as a field and how we might get there. Across the 22 articles in this special issue, there is sure to be something of value and interest for every affective scientist!

Whether you’re looking to keep up to date on the latest research in affective science, to find articles that help you think more deeply about how we should move forward as a field, or hoping to find an outlet for your own research, Affective Science may be just the journal for you. Submission guidelines can be found here!

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