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The Society for Affective Science (SAS) is delighted to share its fifth Newsletter. The January issue includes conference announcements, updates on the society Journal, and a spotlight on our President. This is an initiative of the SAS Membership and Outreach Committee.

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Conference Report

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming conference for the Society for Affective Science, set in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana from March 1 to 3, 2024! This gathering promises to be a celebration of interdisciplinary exploration and discovery.



SAS President Maital Neta

🌟 Meet Dr. Maital Neta, SAS President: A Journey of Curiosity and Discovery in Affective Science 🌟
Join us in an inspiring conversation with Dr. Maital Neta, our dynamic SAS 2024 President. Discover her intriguing path from a high schooler fascinated by the varied emotional responses to art, to a distinguished researcher in affective science!

🎨 From her early intrigue with Van Gogh’s “Café Terrace at Night” to her undergraduate studies at UCLA, Maital’s journey is a blend of art and science. She delved into understanding subjective preferences for visual objects, leading her to pursue a PhD focused on emotional responses to ambiguous facial expressions.

🧠 Maital’s research extends to emotion regulation, particularly through mindfulness-based approaches. Her innovative work explores emotional flexibility in children and the importance of being open to alternative interpretations of situations.

🤝 Highlighting the value of interdisciplinarity, Maital discusses her collaborative research during the pandemic and on sports-related concussion effects. Her advice to young researchers? Embrace interdisciplinary collaborations!

💡 At SAS, Maital is committed to nurturing an environment of inclusivity and support for trainees and faculty. Her personal experiences resonate with the society’s core values, emphasizing the importance of community and mentorship in challenging times.



SAS Journal Feature

Did you know that SAS has its very own journal, Affective Science? Read on to learn more about the journal and its recent special issue on the future of affective science.


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