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Conference on Inequality and Decision Making

The Tobin Project is accepting applications to present innovative, early-stage research at a conference exploring the effects of economic inequality on individual behavior and decision making. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to present the results of their pilot studies and test their research designs with leading scholars at the conference. The invitation-only conference will be held August 4-5, 2016 in greater Boston, and will bring together scholars from across the social sciences to chart the future of a research initiative on Inequality and Decision Making, which has been described as “the most promising direction in inequality research today.”

The deadline for submissions is January 11, 2016. Authors of winning submissions will have the opportunity to apply for funding to support their pilot research. Junior scholars (doctoral students through assistant professors) who are selected to present work at the conference will also be considered for up to $20,000 in awards for final papers following the conference.

Click here for additional information about the conference and application process.

Special Issue on "Emotion, Decision-Making, and Health Behavior" in Psychology & Health

Proposals are being accepted for a special issue in Psychology & Health focusing on emotion, decision-making and health behavior edited by Rebecca Ferrer and Wendy Berry Mendes.

The goals of this special issue are to: 1) introduce theoretical and methodological advances from affective science as relevant to health decision-making and health behaviors; 2) feature theory-based interventions that leverage affective science concepts in facilitating health behavior change; 3) identify gaps and opportunities at the intersection of affective science and health decision-making/ behavior; and 4) facilitate cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration to elucidate how affect, broadly construed, influences health behaviors.

Proposals are due by March 31, 2016. Papers will be due by October 15, 2016, with the plan to finalize the special issue by the end of 2016.

Information on submitting proposals can be found here:

New Society Aims to Support Affective Science

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